• Mobile Payments for Public Transport

    Mobile SaaS environments, Internet + transformation

  • One-stop Public Transport Service

    Connect users by Big Data Analysis and Marketing Platform

  • Operation Services

    Connect with travel apps

Quickly Set up Your Own HCE Pay & Car code

The terminal key is used to connect different cities and provide mobile payment solution for companies , such as city card companies and public transport operators

  • Compatible technology system

    兼容交通部、住建部、城市自建体系标准, 可在行业公司现有的技术体系及标准下, 轻松多元化支付方式

  • Based on existing business models

    在通卡公司现有模式上搭建属于行业公司自己“云卡&云码”, 不影响现有的通卡、交通公司的商业模型

  • Cover a wider range

    “云卡+云码”的组合更智能、更绿色, 覆盖人群更多, 可快速增加发卡数, 实现盈利

  • Rapidly increasing payment applications

    凭借自身在公共交通移动支付应用领域的丰富经验, 助力行业公司实现快速转型

Connect Users through Big Data analysis to Realize the Precise Operation of Intelligent Transportation

Provide one-stop public transportation services, and develop a new business model of Internet + public transportation

  • Operational data visualization

    通过大数据分析平台, 直观展示运营变化情况, 实现精准运营

  • Improve the operation efficiency

    移动支付轻松缓解高峰客流压力, 大数据为线网规划、站点规划、公交实时调度做支撑

  • Optimize passenger experience

    进行用户数据挖掘及分析, 进行会员营销, 大数据营销

  • Produce high revenue

    提高线网运营效率、运营获客能力, 提高日流量, 获得更大的收益

Lead the cooperation of various industries, and Create a Smart Public Transportation Environment

Enterprises can quickly acquire the mobile payment and Internet operation capacity of public transportation by HCE Pay platform

  • New model & new growth

    增加线下应用场景, 突破现有商业发展模式

  • Diversified application scenario

    新增公共交通应用, 丰富平台应用场景

  • Earnings growth

    应用拓展性强, 发卡、信用乘车、积分乘车等, 增加盈利

  • Improve user relevance


  • HCE Pay

    Make mobile phone do near field transaction with POS by NFC

  • Car code

    Show your phone ' s QR code to pay

  • Face Recognition

    Brush your face to pay,No lines at the station

  • UnionPay

    Use QuickPass to pay for the bus and subway (ODA)

  • Payment code

    Scan or show QR code to pay

The Implementation of HCE Pay in China

We has covered 19 cities in China and will serve over 250 cities in 2018